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Lesson 2 Networking
Objective This page asks you to describe LANs

Local Area Networks

Large area networks (LAN's) enable computing devices within the same local area, such as the same building or physical structure, to share information. Most LANs do not require use of common telecommunications carriers. Given their limited reach in terms of physical distance, most LAN wiring is done either internally by organizations or by local wiring contractors.

LAN Considerations

Usually e-Commerce architects don't have to worry about LANs. Most organizations have already installed them. They have interconnected their LANs to a wide area network (WAN), and the WAN to the Internet.
LAN vendors/tools
New companies, or new locations, however, will need LAN installation. Remember most e-Commerce solutions that involve internal corporate users will usually traverse over LANs. LANs must be considered as an element in the solution.

Ethernet Lan Specification

Bandwidth Problems

Consider the possible role of LANs in bandwidth problems.
Often slow response signals a network bandwidth problem, and technically LANs are part of the network. Many companies take their LANs for granted and don't always do the performance tuning required to keep their LANs operating at peak efficiency. When trying to solve a bandwidth problem for e-Commerce solutions that involve internal users, don't forget to check the LAN. It could be the source of your bottleneck. In e-Commerce solutions bandwidth is not always the issue. Sometimes, server processing is slow, especially where there are distributed transactions occurring in the background.

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