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Lesson 7 Other e-Commerce networking technologies
Objective List features associated with e-Commerce networking technologies

Additional e-Commerce Networking Technologies

Real-time Data Mining

Real-time data mining powered by neural-network technology has begun to change the way large corporations manage customer accounts. The technology has been helping companies gain deep insight into customer purchasing patterns. While the technology is just now beginning to gain appeal, research to develop neural networks was started years ago by the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Traditional fraud detection operates with a delay of months or years. To solve this fraud problem and to help predict customer trends, large corporations have begun to deploy neural-network technology which is patterned after the human brain's own synapses.

Predictive Neural Networks

The brain learns from experience, and that is the general goal of neural-network technology. Even simple animal brains are capable of functions that are currently impossible for computers. Computers do certain things well, like keeping ledgers or performing complex math. But computers have trouble recognizing even simple patterns, much less generalizing those patterns of the past into actions for the future.
Advances in biological research have begun to enable an understanding of how natural-thinking mechanisms store information as patterns. Some of these patterns are very complicated such as simple brain patterns that give us the ability to recognize individual faces from many different angles. This process of storing information as patterns, using those patterns and then solving problems encompasses the entire neural-networking focus in computing. The field does not use traditional programming, but rather focuses on the creation of massively parallel networks and the training of those networks to solve specific problems.

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