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Lesson 7An introduction to basic e-Commerce concepts
ObjectiveMaintainability: A consideration for each tool category

Describe how maintainability affects ecommerce solutions

Maintainability implies that solutions change. E-Commerce solutions, just like any other application, change in terms of systems requirements. The look and feel of an e-Commerce site often goes through high-frequency change, and the content of an e-Commerce site must often be constantly updated.
These are the more obvious maintainability challenges of an e-Commerce site and the subtle ones include changes to underlying technology. Thus, the architect must think of maintainability when designing solutions.
The architectural needs of e-Commerce solutions do not disappear on the day the solution goes live.

In recent years, the number of online stores has exploded, making the Internet a very crowded and competitive marketplace. Ecommerce websites are connecting businesses with customers in an unprecedented fashion. Chances are, you already know how important it is to establish an online business, but are not quite sure how to get started. Whether you are feeling the peer pressure to join the burgeoning online arena, or you are simply excited by the prospect of a new business channel, there are five ecommerce solutions for online stores that you should consider before you start.

Software Architect's Handbook


A design pattern is an effective means to convey/communicate what has been learned about high-quality designs. The result is:
  1. A shared language for communicating the experience gained in dealing with these recurring problems and their solutions.
  2. A common vocabulary of system design elements for problem solving discussions. A means of reusing and building upon the acquired insight resulting in an improvement in the software quality in terms of its maintainability and reusability.

An object can access its private variables directly. But doing so could greatly affect the maintainability of an application, which the object is part of. When there is a change in the way a particular instance variable is to be defined, it requires changes to be made in every place of the application code where the instance variable is referenced directly. Similar to its client objects, if an object is designed to access its instance variables through accessor methods, any change to the definition of an instance variable requires a change only to its accessor methods.