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Object Middleware - Quiz

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1. If you were to describe the term middleware to your colleagues, which of the following statements would you use?
  A. Middleware products store, manage, and provide intelligent access to structured data and information.
  B. Middleware products provide interoperability services for software architectures and applications.
  C. Middleware products are being revolutionized thanks to enterprise application integration.
  D. Middleware products have changed and evolved to support the requirements of e-Commerce solutions.

2. After completing a successful engagement, your reporting partner asks why you chose to use distributed object middleware. Which of the following responses would justify your tool choice?
  A. The architecture used disparate customer service application and order management system.
  B. The object transport mechanism must remain transparent to host applications.
  C. The architecture required complex transactional systems to be developed.
  D. The architecture required an easy to implement, low maintenance technology solution.

3. During a conversation with your project manager, you describe distributed object middleware as:
  A. A technology with a large base of expertise associated with it.
  B. A great solution for the majority of e-Commerce engagements.
  C. A great way to support disconnected transaction systems that are based on different object models.
  D. A methodology that is able to support remote objects developed under the same object designs.