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Networking Concepts - Quiz

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1. A junior consultant asks you about the important networking issues to consider during an engagement. What two key issues would you share?
  A. The target audience should dictate network decisions.
  B. Standards are irrelevant to a successful networking engagement.
  C. When it comes to hardware, don't skimp on quality or reputation.
  D. As bandwidth increases, so do user download times.

2. Prior to an important engagement, your managing partner quizzes you on the OSI model. What are two important things you would share with her?
  A. The OSI model consists of hardware standards.
  B. The OSI model consists of software standards.
  C. The lower layers of the model are known as the data transport layers.
  D. The higher layers of the model (5 through 7) are software oriented.

3. While on an architecture engagement, one of your clients asks you to describe the concept of TCP/IP in a sentence. After thinking for a moment, you respond:
  A. It is a hyper text and metatag document format delivered to Web browsers via HTTP.
  B. It is the primary conceptual model for inter computer communications.
  C. It is a network technology that allows data to be transferred at high speeds in packets or cells.
  D. It is the common networking language underlying the existence of the Internet.