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Project Planning -Quiz

Each question is worth one point. Select the best answer or answers for each question.
1. While writing a project plan, you find out that you need to define the term protocol. A good definition to use would be:
  A. The technologies that enable physically separated devices to share information.
  B. A set of rules and conventions that determine how computing devices exchange information over a network.
  C. The physical wiring that allows two computing devices to communicate with each other.
  D. The networking language used to retrieve email from mail servers.

2. During a meeting with a senior manager of DotCommy Corporation, you learn that they are looking to connect their PCs in their downtown Seattle office building. Which type of network implementation would you recommend?
  A. LAN
  B. WAN
  C. Wireless
  D. Protocol

3. As an architect, which type of organization would you suspect to be a likely candidate for a LAN implementation?
  A. A five-year-old organization that is rapidly expanding.
  B. A large multinational corporation.
  C. A recently established organization.
  D. A well-established organization with little growth.