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Internet Multitasking - Quiz
Each question is worth one point. Select the best answer or answers for each question.
1. Which of the following are characteristics of Internet multicasting?
  A. It is rarely used in architectural engagements.
  B. It is an Internet Protocol-based networking technique.
  C. Bandwidth issues limit its use in e-Commerce solutions.
  D. It supports streaming media, including radio and Webcasts.

2. During an architecture engagement with a large multinational client, the VP of Marketing mentions that his organization is interested in broadcasting a state of the company message over their Intranet. What is an advantage to this type of presentation?
  A. It is unidirectional and rich format will allow employees to ask questions during the presentation.
  B. It will allow all employees (including remote offices) to take part in the state of the company message.
  C. Using a "bleeding edge" technology like Internet multicasting may create a sense of pride among employees.
  D. History has shown that executing a successful Internet multicasting event is simple to do.