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Lesson 5 Key challenges of eBusiness solutions
Objective Define basic challenges common to eBusiness solutions.

Key Challenges of eBusiness Solutions

In some ways, the challenges posed to eBusiness managers are no different from those that have long concerned businesses. Most businesses want to grow to increase profits, yet they must remain manageable. Most businesses strive to be sufficiently integrated so that their internal and external operations not only run smoothly, but also are well coordinated. Finally, all businesses want their customers to remain loyal.
While these challenges are not new to the Web, the manner in which they present themselves and are dealt with on the Web is unique. Indeed, meeting these challenges depends chiefly on the technological infrastructure and Web-specific services that you employ as part of your solution. As an eBusiness solutions manager, you must be concerned with all of these goals and develop strategies for ensuring that they are met.

New terms and new challenges

In the world of eBusiness, these challenges are known specifically as:
  1. Stickiness
  2. Scalability
  3. Maintainability
  4. Reliability
  5. Interoperability

The Slide Show below describes what exactly these terms mean within the specific context of building an eBusiness solution.

Ongoing ebusiness Challenges
This course will provide you with the knowledge of tools and services that will help you meet these challenges.
The next lesson is about another key challenge in developing and maintaining an eBusiness solution, defining and meeting standards.