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Lesson 7 The eBusiness solutions stack: an overview of the necessary tools
Objective Describe the tools necessary for developing an eBusiness solution.

eBusiness Solutions Stack - An overview of the necessary tools

An eBusiness solution is a complex amalgamation of technologies and services. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as "eBusiness in a box." Even if there were, the eBusiness solution would still require customization. Therefore, when embarking on developing and maintaining an eBusiness solution, it is imperative to understand all the technologies and services that are at your disposal. The remainder of this course goes into detail about these tools and services. As an introduction, and as a way of organizing subsequent lessons in this course, here we will categorize all the technologies and services associated with eBusiness solutions.
The categories include:
  1. Infrastructure technologies
  2. Integration technologies
  3. Enabling technologies
  4. eBusiness enhancement technologies
  5. eBusiness suites
  6. eServices

The modules of this course will map your business needs to these specific technologies and services. They will explain the role that each category of technology plays in the larger context of an eBusiness solution. Here, we will simply define these categories and explain how they work together.

Element of the solution Function Example
Infrastructure technologies, including networking Act as the foundation upon which all other eBusiness solutions and services are built. Hardware and software applications that enable information sharing for eBusiness solutions among different machines and systems.
Enabling technologies Enable you to develop, deploy, and manage the components of your eBusiness solution. Integration technologies that provide for the interoperability of different technologies. Also includes databases, application servers, portals.
Enhancement suites, point solutions, and technologies, including eServices Enhance your Web presence, your visitor's Web experience, and provide dynamic content over the Web. Products that enable you to optimize the experience of Web site visitors, and to mine their behavior for marketing purposes. Includes content management, customer management and transaction processing technologies.