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Lesson 4 Operating systems
ObjectiveDefine the function of operation systems as they pertain to eBusiness.

Operating System Functions

Another core technology,operating systems[1], performs a variety of tasks. These tasks, listed below, range from the most basic to the highly sophisticated:
  1. Translate input from the keyboard
  2. Send output to the display screen
  3. Control disk drives and printers
  4. Work with applications and Web servers to make sure that different programs and users running at the same time do not interfere with each other
  5. Perform multiple security functions, including preventing unauthorized users from accessing the system
Every general-purpose computer must have an operating system to run other programs. This includes personal computers, servers, and handheld devices, all of which have operating systems that are scaled to their size and function.
The Slide Show below illustrates how the operating system interfaces with the other baseline products that make up your solution.

1) Operating Systems 1 2) Operating Systems 2 3) Operating Systems 3 4) Operating Systems 4
Operating System Functions

Types of operating systems

For eBusiness and Web servers, the most commonly chosen server operating systems are various flavor of linux, such as Redhat and Ubuntu.
Many other operating systems, however, are found in the Web/eBusiness server mix, including other forms of Unix (like HP-UX, AIX, and Linux), and mainframe operating systems like MVS. MVS is not used to serve web content and is the operating that is used for a mainframe computer such as the IBM/390.
Linux, due to its low-price point and non-commercial nature, has been challenge Windows and Solaris in the low-end Web server space since the year 2000. although Linux is still seldom used in large, application processing aspects of eBusiness.
In sum, then, when confronted with your business needs and the choices that are available, you should take a holistic approach to choosing an operating system.
If you plan on developing for the .NET platform, then you should an operating such as Windows 2016 Server. The next lesson explores the most important considerations when choosing the right operating system for your solution.
[1] Operating systems: Arguable the most important program that runs on a computer. An operating system (OS) performs basic tasks such as recognizing input from the keyboard and sending output to a display screen. \