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Ongoing eBusiness challenges

e-Business can have an impact on every facet of the organization, including
  1. processes,
  2. applications,
  3. staffing,
  4. infrastructure,
  5. relationships,
  6. and sales channels.

Not only is e-Business transforming companies and industries, it isdoing so at an accelerating rate. Business cycles that use to be measured in years are now measured in days. Competition in the future, even today in certain industries, will not be company against company but supply chain against supply chain. Companies will be only as strong as the weakest link in their supply chain.
The winners will be companies that can build up or tear down electronic B2B relationships rapidly. As part of this transformation, enterprise borders are starting to disappear.
e-Business is all about providing open access to infrastructure services, data, and applications. Partners, suppliers, customers and, in some cases, even your competition will be able to peer into your corporate nervous system. Hopefully, all of this will be for the better. But, if not handled correctly, sometimes it may be for the worse.

Customer expectations are rising in terms of the speed and reliability they expect from your e-Business applications. Studies show that Web customers will wait only eight seconds for a page view, even if they are on a slow connection that you have no control over. Not only are the expectations of your external customer rising but so are the expectations of your internal customers. They cannot watch the news or read an airline magazine without being reminded about what is possible in e-Business. As a result, they are clamoring for the functionality that e-Business provides, asking you to take the business from brick-and-mortar to clickand-mortar. And application developers may be pushing to develop online systems that involve users outside your organization, and that connect to the external systems of your business partners.

An ebusiness site becomes a key channel for customer/supplier interaction

ecommerce presents a new level of scalability. The number of site visitors can exceed your expectations.

The shifting content of e-commerce makes the frequency of revision much higher than it was previously.

Since web based e-commerce breaks down the traditional boundaries between you and your buyers and suppliers, a systems outage on your e-commerce system could have direct effect on your reputation

Business models are altering rapidly due to ecommerce.