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Lesson 6Systems management
Objective Describe how systems management products are important to an eBusiness solution.

Systems Management Products are important to eBusiness Solution

Systems management products provide intelligence about and control over the reliability and deployment of the entire range of systems, networks, and applications that comprise a solution. Some products focus on providing point functionality, such as network configuration capabilities. The industry trend, however, is towards integrated management capabilities. This allows for a single management architecture to provide feedback and control over an organization's computing components.

Types of systems management products

There are four categories into which systems management products fall.
  1. Network management
  2. Systems management
  3. Applications management
  4. Service-level management
  5. The Slide Show below will explain what each systems management product offers:

  1. Network Management enables the configuration and tuning of networks; ensures that systems are operating at their optimal level
  2. Systems Management enables hardware, OS and storage configuration
  3. Applications management works with application servers to provide insight about performance, deployment, and security.
  4. Service-level management allows buyers of hosted solutions or internal IT buyers to monitor networks

Network Application Service Level Management
Question: What are the four key categories of systems management products?
Answer: Network management, systems management, applications management, and service-level management


When considering which product to use to monitor and control eBusiness solutions, your choices are often limited based on the networking solutions you choose, as well as by the hardware and operating system choices you make. Most architects, in general, attempt to find management products that cover as many bases as possible.
One area in particular that architects pay attention to for eBusiness applications is performance.
Performance monitoring and tuning capabilities, whether for networks, hardware, or software, are essential tools for eBusiness end-users.The next lesson wraps up the module.