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ORB [Corba]

The ORB facilitates the deployment and management of CORBA, COM+, and Java objects across different architectures.

Orb 2
Using ORBs, the developer of a multi-object application can easily partition those objects onto different networks nodes. It is therefore like the RPC-based approach, except its object, not function, oriented. As such, it makes object methods available at run-time rather than at design-time.

Orb 3
So while remote objects are designed differently, they share a common language, which enables them to operate with one another. Sometimes this language is known as IDL (interface definition language).

Orb 4
The ORB world has a few major standards, most notably including the Object Management Group. (CORBA) Common Object Request Broker Architecture, its internet implementation which is IIOP, as well as Microsoft's standard .NET Services.