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Business Metaphors - Quiz

Each question is worth one point. Select the best answer for each question.
1. Which of the following actions define business metaphors?
  A. They take business practices and put them on the Web.
  B. They push technologies forward and support an evolution.
  C. They resemble the electronic bulletin boards of the early days of the Internet.

2. What are three examples of the importance of the pre-browser Internet search technologies?
  A. They allowed users to search in a more intuitive method using keywords or titles.
  B. They required small bandwidth and short download time.
  C. The efficiencies of these technologies remain today and impact e-Commerce.
  D. Search technologies provided customers/users with self-service document retrieval.

3. The face of the Internet changed significantly with the introduction of the browser. What two technologies would have helped a business interested in selling its services online to increase sales?
  A. POTS (Plain old telephone service)
  B. Businesses and individuals were increasingly using the Internet and advertising online became a means to sell more products over the Internet.
  C. PDF files provided a standard for viewing Web pages
  D. Users could view a combination of audio, video, and informational data, making content rich and enhancing user experience.

4. What technology defines how a Web page is displayed on-screen?
  A. Fat server
  C. Thin server

5. Which four technologies are core to Web architecture?
  A. The Web server, application server, HTML, and the PC
  B. The Web server, HTML, HTTP, and the browser client
  C. The Web server, HTML, HTTP, and PC

6. Your company uses a Corporate Extranet. Who is their target audience?
  A. Partners, manufacturers, or distributors who want to access real-time information.
  B. Employees who want to access internal information.
  C. The general public who wants information about corporate business strategies.
  D. The general public who wants basic information about the company.

7. You are reviewing the advantages of different search engine technologies and are most interested in ordering Web sites so that the most relevant sites appear first in your search results. Which characteristic best describes what you are looking for in a search engine?
  A. Indexing
  B. Depth
  C. Customizability
  D. Ranking

8. Network protocols concerned with transmitting data lie at which layer?
  A. The network layer
  B. The Data link layer
  C. The Transport layer
  D. The session layer

9. You want to create a Web page with user interactive flags such as prompts and warning messages. Which language should you use to get the desired effect?
  B. XML
  C. JavaScript
  D. Enterprise JavaBeans

10. Which three forces are driving change in e-Business?
  A. The need for increased revenue
  B. Communication tools
  C. Information tools
  D. Technology legislation
  E. Product technology

11. As a result of increasing technology, pricing strategies are under pressure. Which of the following explanations would you give as a reason to change your company's pricing policy?
  A. Companies can better manage the habits and preferences of customers by adapting prices on a per-person basis.
  B. More and more companies are moving from a product pricing structure to a service pricing structure.
  C. New communication tools allow companies instantaneous access to customer data to better manage customer relationships.
  D. Product life cycles have shortened, forcing companies to re-evaluate the types of products they provide.

12. Integrated manufacturing and shipping into a virtual network is an example of which lever of change?
  A. Transaction
  B. Relationship
  C. Information
  D. Solutions