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Lesson 4 Training
Objective Describe the importance and sequence of training staff and users.

ebusiness Training Staff

Let us look at the main types of training and education that need to be considered.
Group Training Strategy
Decision-makers A common level of understanding
Negotiate a common level of understanding among the top executives who make eBusiness development decisions. This will ensure that the key stakeholders and decision-makers:
  1. Understand and believe in the process
  2. Fully support the implementation
  3. Approve budgets for the necessary training
Other employees Open discussion
Conduct open discussions about eBusiness for all employees. This will ensure that employees:
  1. Understand how eBusiness is likely to affect them and their jobs
  2. Do not feel alienated from the process
  3. Fully support the implementation

Technical and user training

It is likely that there will be a core technical group who are skilled in eBusiness technology. Statistically, these people are the most likely to move on to other opportunities. For this reason, it is critical to focus on growing your technical team.
There are a number of approaches to technical and user training. The Easy Reference below describes tips in approaching both of these types of training.

Type of Training and Recommended Approach for eBusiness

Type of training Tips and approach
Technical training Involve the technically savvy staff in the training effort
  1. Make trainers of your tech staff: Make use of technically savvy employees to train others.
  2. Grow the technical team: Have those outside the process responsible for growing the technical team and for the technical development of eBusiness.
  3. Plan for contingencies: Always ensure that there is a contingency arrangement to cover the sickness or resignations of key staff.
User training
Have open discussions about eBusiness to ease anxiety about dealing with new technology, to create user buy-in, and to surface the interest of those who would like to become more involved.
  1. Involve users in development: Involve the users in the development of user screens and interfaces; thisoffers an additional training opportunity.
  2. Offer additional training: Offer additional training to evaluate the suitability of the design for the task while training staff at the same time.

A word of caution: Although the use of TLAs is sometimes necessary, be sure to define them when using them with someone new to the topic.
In the next lesson, we identify the technology and market forces that may impact the viability of your eBusiness solution.

Sequence Of Training Staff Users

Click the Exercise link below to review the training of technical staff and users.
Sequence Of Training Staff Users

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