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Lesson 5E-business course project
ObjectiveProject to be completed at the end of course.

e-business Course Project

To better prepare you to build an ebusiness solution, we have created an optional course project for you.
The course project revolves around a fictitious ebusiness, called DN (DispersedNet) Bolts.
You are asked to imagine yourself as the eBusiness architect consultant.The course project consists of five exercises.
It asks you to examine various aspects of DN (DispersedNet) Bolts business: its early beginnings, its online existence as a Web site and its transition to a fully fledged online business. More specifically, in the first exercise you will be asked to respond to questions and concerns of the eBusiness stakeholders as to the viability of an eBusiness solution. In the remaining exercises, you will consider the requirements for operational change, technical infrastructure, planning and design.

Submit Report

In each exercise, you will be asked to submit a report.
In all exercises, you will have a set of resources to help you respond to the problems in question. These resources include the following kinds of information:
  1. Company history
  2. Site architecture
  3. Fulfillment and distribution
  4. Email
  5. Current data
You will find these in the Resource file, which looks like the one below.
Click the case file below to familiarize yourself with the types of information available to you.

Case One

Stakeholders Greatest concern Questions to anticipate
The Management Board To ensure the ongoing and increasing profitability and viability of the enterprise What will the enterprise gain from the implementation? Can the implementation be achieved without negative impact on the business?
Operations and Customer Service To maintain or improve service levels at the lowest possible cost Will volumes increase or decrease in any part of the operation?
How will customer service need to change to accommodate the solution?
Sales and Marketing To achieve a greater penetration of the targeted customer base and how to increase sales How will this solution affect my customers?
Will the image of the business be enhanced or damaged? How will branding be affected?
Finance To reduce unit costs What are the implementation and running costs of the eBusiness solution?
What other costs will be affected and how?
Systems To provide and maintain reliable and adequate systems for all aspects of the enterprise Is the proposed solution viable from a systems' perspective?
Do we have the necessary skills available to develop and run the solution?
Legal To ensure the enterprise operates within the law and does not expose itself to unnecessary risks What are the legal and regulatory requirements of operating in the virtual world?
What new risks are introduced by the eBusiness solution?
With each response, you will get feedback from a mentor about your solutions to the problems presented.
The first part of the course will be introduced in the next module.

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