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Online Order Confirmation

After you make a purchase, you will receive an email confirmation containing your order number within a few hours. You may review the status of your order by viewing Order Status. As a registered customer, you will also be able to review the Order History for all your online orders.

What is an Online Order Confirmation?

The order confirmation page provides you with a complete record of your order, including descriptions, specifications, quantities and prices for each item ordered. It also includes shipping address(es) and method(s), billing address and payment information. Remember, the order confirmation page is used for future reference purposes only. It is NOT your receipt.
An online order confirmation is a message or email that a customer receives after placing an order on a website. The confirmation typically includes details about the items ordered, the total cost, shipping information, and a confirmation number. It serves as a record of the transaction and provides the customer with the information they need to track their order and contact the company if there are any issues.

ecommerce Management
After completing their order, the customer or client clicks 'Order Now' and confirms the order.

A tracking number is attached to the order.

A confirmation of the order with the tracking number is automatically sent to the customer via their email address.