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Lesson 2 The course project
Objective Implement an e-commerce solution

Ecommerce Course Project called First Financial

The course project revolves around a fictitious e-business, called First Financial. You are asked to imagine yourself as the "CEBO" or Chief ebusiness Officer for First Financial.
The course project consists of two exercises. First Financial is facing a difficult decision:
  1. to become an e-business, or
  2. to be acquired.
Your role will be to
  1. identify the key business issues concerning e-commerce in this scenario,
  2. implement a plan to help your organization approach e-commerce solution development creatively and securely, and
  3. consider for each scenario, the various audiences that both business and technical personnel must work with in ecommerce based business initiatives.
More specifically, in the first exercise, your task will be to make recommendations to the executive team and board regarding how First Financial should approach the insurance and brokerage product offerings. In the second exercise, you will make a series of recommendations and considerations for the launch of a financial services portal.
You are required to complete both exercises. In both exercises, you will have a set of resources to help you respond to the problems in question. These resources include the following kinds of information:

  1. Consultant report
  2. Site architecture
  3. Fulfillment and distribution
  4. Email
  5. Current data

Mobile Ecommece
With each response, you will get feedback about your solutions to the problems presented.
Next, you will begin the first part of the course.