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Architecture Engagement - Quiz

1. During an architecture engagement, your client is anxious to implement their operating system. Name some of the future software choices that may be limited as a result of a hasty operating system choice?
  A. Systems management
  B. Security
  C. Middleware
  D. Development tools

2. You and your client are trying to select an OS. The client expresses interest in a newly released but fairly uncommon OS. This same client requires an e-Commerce solution that will withstand high amounts of user traffic. What would you recommend?
  A. Implementing the OS if it is in accordance with organizational preferences.
  B. Waiting until the OS has been in commercial use for at least several months.
  C. Using a commonly accepted NT-based server solution in anticipation of scalability requirements.

3. During a lunchtime conversation with a database administrator friend, you mention Microsoft SQL Server. Which of the following would you be most likely to hear?
  A. There is very little support available for SQL Server.
  B. SQL Server is a very popular analytical database.
  C. SQL Server is a very popular relational database.
  D. SQL Server only runs on the Windows operating system.

4. You have determined that a company's e-Commerce solution will require data warehousing capabilities. Your client asks if there's anything they should keep in mind about this decision. How would you respond?
  A. Explain that problems with data warehousing are generally straightforward.
  B. Remind him that expertise is highly portable between database subgroups.
  C. Advise him to have a resource pool of trained personnel available.