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Each question is worth one point. Select the best answer or answers for each question.

1. Which of the following techniques does enterprise application integration bring together?
  A. XML
  B. Object wrapper (ORB)
  C. Publish and subscribe
  D. Legacy data integration

2. The CIO tells you she is looking for a middleware suite. Which type of middleware would you recommend?
  A. Data integration
  B. Enterprise application integration
  C. Message-oriented middleware
  D. Transaction processor

3. During a lunchtime conversation, a coworker asks you to describe one of the benefits of middleware products. You reply:
  A. Predictable revision cycles
  B. Vendor stability
  C. Integration of technologies
  D. Simplifies QA and debugging tasks

4. Your client is feeling a bit nervous about using middleware technology. Which of the following trends could you bring to their attention and minimize their apprehension?
  A. Middleware vendors have taken steps to embed their products into major development tools.
  B. Middleware vendors are developing more predictable revision cycles.
  C. Middleware allows disparate architectures to interoperate, an essential function for any e-Commerce solution.
  D. Middleware vendors have become more stable and reliable during the past three years.