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LAN Networking (x.25, frame relay) - Quiz

Each question is worth one point. Select the best answer or answers for each question.
1. A LAN interconnects several WANS.
  A. True
  B. False

2. During an engagement, a junior architect asks you which standards are best associated with WANs. Your best response would be:
  A. x.25, frame relay, and SMDS
  B. x.25, frame relay, and SMTP
  C. x.509, frame relay, and SMDS
  D. x.509, frame relay, and SMTP

3. Your new client, the Simpson company, is a 20,000-person organization. What type of Internet networking solution are they likely to have?
  A. Internal (handled by IS department)
  B. Outsourced (handled by an ISP)
  C. A mixture of the two

4. Which of the following is most likely to provide directory mapping and resolution?
  A. Switches
  B. Routers
  C. Bridges
  D. Packets

5. You have an important meeting with a potential client who has experienced great difficulty with their network hardware. Select one important point you would share with this client.
  A. Don't mix networking equipment. Using multiple vendors can lead to headaches.
  B. As a result of their market domination, Cisco is the only network hardware choice.
  C. Even if it results in hardware inconsistency, always choose best of breed networking products.
  D. An ISP should be able to handle all of an organization's networking hardware solutions.