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Middleware Considerations

Question: What is the primary expertise of the developers who integrate applications?
Developers who integrate applications typically have expertise in software development and integration technologies. They are skilled in creating, modifying, and maintaining software applications, and have a deep understanding of programming languages, software architecture, and data structures. In addition, developers who specialize in application integration have knowledge of integration technologies such as APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), middleware, ESBs (Enterprise Service Bus), and messaging systems. They are familiar with different types of data formats, such as XML and JSON, and have experience working with protocols like HTTP, FTP, and SOAP.
Furthermore, developers who specialize in application integration are proficient in working with different types of software platforms and applications, such as databases, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, and cloud-based platforms. Finally, developers who integrate applications need to have excellent problem-solving skills, as they are often faced with complex integration challenges that require creative solutions. They must be able to understand and interpret system requirements, identify integration points and challenges, and develop solutions that meet the needs of all stakeholders.
In summary, developers who specialize in application integration have a broad range of expertise, including software development, integration technologies, data formats, software platforms, and problem-solving skills. Their role is critical in ensuring that different software applications can work together seamlessly to provide a unified experience for end-users.


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The developers of integration applications are often people whose primary expertise is not in programming but rather in the processes being automated. This is problematic because middleware applications often come with user interfaces that are difficult for programmers and professionals to work with.

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Not all middleware fits the standard applications, networks, and systems management product suites. This can make QA and debugging more complex. These difficulties, but even they often require work arounds.

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Unlike major database and development tools, many middleware packages are not updated in predictable cycles, integration application typically incorporate business rules that change constantly.