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Security Considerations - Exercise

Rolling out a dot.com


This exercise is worth a total of 5 points. To receive full credit, you must write your solution in the text box below. Once you have completed your answer, submit your answer.


This exercise draws on the skills and concepts you learned in the preceding lessons.
You are a dot-com and have just received funding to build a portal to try to attract a community of wine lovers.
Red Rose
Livingston Cellars Red Rose Wine

You did not receive as much funding as you would have liked, and you want to keep the costs of your Web site to a minimum. You are not sure, but you think you could draw as many as 100,000 wine lovers to your site on an average day. Since there are not yet smell and taste multimedia, you plan on using cool graphics for your site, but not much in the way of streaming media, or video. You have decided to include some audio clips that describe various wines. You have plenty of engineers and Web designers who are willing to work 80-hour weeks. During this initial phase, you don't plan to actually take wine orders, but you do plan to get revenue through the click-through to wine supplier sites. Your job is to determine the browsers you should target, the Web servers you should obtain, and the importance of security for your initial site roll-out.


Create a document in which you write a one to three-sentence response for each of the following:
  1. Which browsers should you target?
  2. Which Web servers will you use?
  3. Which types of security should you put on your site?

Submitting your Exercise

Click the Submit button to submit your answer to a tutor. And check your answers against the possible answers offered below. You will receive one point each for each response, and two additional points for attempting to respond to the exercise .