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Scope of e-business Architect - Quiz

Each question is worth one point. Select the best answer for each question.
1. You have accepted a contract to be the architect for the development of an eBusiness solution for an established business. Which of the following should you undertake first?
Please select the best answer .
  A. Analyze the customer base and related market research information
  B. Decide on the technical platform the solution will be designed around
  C. Hold a business education session for the executive stakeholders
  D. Analyze the goals that have been established for the eBusiness solution
  E. Hold a brainstorm session with the development resource

2. Which of the following will NOT directly affect the performance of the customer interface in the eBusiness solution?
Please select the best answer.
  A. Web page file size
  B. Staffing levels in customer support center
  C. Customer transaction volumes
  D. The efficiency of the update process for the Web site database
  E. eBusiness systems capacity

3. Who is responsible to the enterprise's nominated executive for the implementation of the eBusiness solution?
Please select the best answer .
  A. Finance
  B. Systems
  C. Marketing
  D. Operations
  E. None of the above

4. How many customers must use an eBusiness solution before it can be said to have achieved its purpose?
Please select the best answer .
  A. 1-10
  B. 11-1000
  C. 1001-1 million
  D. 1 million +
  E. It is impossible to assign a number of customers as an indicator of a viable eBusiness.

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