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Issues and Concerns - Exercise

Key issues and Concerns of the Stakeholder

Objective: Address the key issues and concerns of stakeholders.


This exercise is worth a total of 5 points.
To receive full credit, you need to list in order of priority five key questions or issues from the perspective of the stakeholders that you will need to address in your design.
As well as five additional business-specific questions that you might raise in addressing each of these questions.
Once you have completed your answer, you will submit your answer.


You are the e-business architect for an online grocery store called
You have the following information to work with: is a family-owned business that employs 60 employees and has 15 delivery trucks.
It currently operates in a single location, delivering five days a week to both households and other small businesses. currently averages 50 deliveries per day.
Half of the business now comes from online orders via an email ordering system.
The online ordering system has been operational for about two months, and is managed in-house by two long-time employees. The company has a working e-business model, but wants to expand the business.
They have asked you to redesign the e-business architecture.

Your goal

You are preparing for a meeting with the stakeholders in this company. In preparation for this meeting, you need to compile a list of questions that will address their concerns. You also want to anticipate some of the additional questions that they will likely raise in discussing these key questions.
Based on what you know, your task will be to do the following:
  1. List, in order of priority, five general questions that anticipate the concerns of the stakeholders in this venture.
  2. For each of the five key questions you listed, include at least one specific question that you might ask about the company process that would help you better understand these concerns.


This is a planning exercise; hence, there are no clear-cut right or wrong answers. Feel free to make assumptions about the enterprise, but where you do so, please list these in your solution.
The purpose of this exercise is to give you an opportunity to utilize your own process in addressing the key issues and concerns of the stakeholders in the design process.
Remember that the architect is involved on a strategic, not tactical, level and must avoid becoming immersed in the details that should be handled by the developer or the managers.
Submitting your exercise
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