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e-business Architect Role - Quiz

Each question is worth one point. Select the best answer for each question.
1. What would you expect the career background of an e-business architect to be?
Please select the best answer .
  A. A marketing background
  B. A systems background
  C. A commercial background
  D. An operational background
  E. A mixture of most of the above

2. As the architect for a large-scale enterprise, you are presented with a report detailing several interesting e-business proposals. However, the report contains terms, jargon, and abbreviations that are unfamiliar to you. Do you
Please select the best answer .
  A. Concentrate largely on the terms, jargon, and abbreviations you are familiar with, and make your own assumptions as to the meanings of other terms used
  B. Return the report to the author with a curt note explaining that you do not understand the meanings of the terms used
  C. Respond by introducing new jargons and terms to demonstrate your e-business expertise
  D. Respond by asking the author for clarification on specific terms listed, explaining that defining terminology upfront might be a useful way to establish a shared vocabulary, and facilitate your mutual understanding of the project
  E. Raise the issue with the author's superiors, to ensure it does not happen again

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