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e-business Design Issues

An e-business plan should incorporate the following design issues:
  1. Customer focus
  2. Continual creation of value
  3. Transform business process where possible to digital form
  4. Decentralize management and centralize coordination
  5. Technical infrastructure and architecture
  6. Integrate and plan for growth and change

Why is design important in e-business?

People use information design and structure as primary factors in assessing the credibility of web sites.
  1. Information architecture and usability both contribute to user satisfaction
  2. Quality of content is a prerequisite for attracting and retaining users / customers
  3. What is the link to strategy ?

Information architecture: structural design of the information space to facilitate understanding

Information architecture

  1. The combination of organization, labelling and navigation schemes within an information system
  2. The structural design of an information space to facilitate task completion and intuitive access to content
  3. The art and science of structuring and classifying web sites, to help people find and manage information

Information Architecture provides the connection between the big picture
  1. reduced development time, reduced maintenance cost, increase in visitors, increase in visitor time spent on site, improved actual and perceived usability, reduced time to accomplish tasks, increased sales and better alignment with the underlying business
  2. helps make sure that business needs and user needs are met
  3. Improve flow on site (site reflects user's mental model)
    Search Engine Opimisation (SEO)
    Integration to offline communications

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