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Lesson 7 Specialized search services
Objective Discover search services dedicated to specific topics or types of Web sites.

Specialized Search Services

So far, your searching experiences have been with general-purpose directories and search engines. There are others that are designed to index or search for specific topics and services.
Recall that even the search service with the largest database only indexes, at best, half the documents on the Web. A directory or search engine that is specialized will have a smaller database, but one that may very well return more relevant information in its field than its larger general counterparts.
What follows are just a few examples of specialty search services. You can search for more or use the searching resources from earlier in this module to locate others. As you look through the list, take a minute or two to tour the ones that may be of use to you as a possible key site or other part of your searching strategy.

Topic-specific directories and search engines

In addition to these, you can search for topic-specific results in education, medicine and health, reference and career and job search services.
  1. OneLook Dictionaries: Links to specialty dictionaries
  2. CEO Express: Business and company research; statistics; office tools and reference
  3. OOPortalWebsite discussing object technology and C++

Shopping and price comparisons

  1. ebay.comC2C website
  2. Lifewire: Online Shopping Sites and Product Comparison Tools

People/address/phone numbers

The information in services like these comes from public records and data sold by companies. They will vary in how up-to-date their information remains, and unlisted telephone numbers are not usually available.
In addition to the examples below, a search will turn up some counties' jail records, genealogy databases, unclaimed bank accounts, and death records.
  1. Wihte Pages Person and Business searches
  2. Yellow Pages page after page of links to email, phone/fax, and address directories, plus genealogical reference

Search Services - Exercise

Click the Exercise link below to practice searching for yourself or someone you know on the Web.
Search Services - Exercise