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Lesson 5 Limiting a search
Objective List other restrictions you can put on search results.

Search Result Restrictions

The techniques described in the previous lessons have all involved ways to limit a search through the search query.
Many directories and search engines also offer selection options (usually on the Advanced or Power search page) that limit the parts of their database that will be searched for matches. Combining any of these options with search query terms that also limit the search is a powerful method of focusing a search that is looking for information that is restricted by its nature to a certain portion of the Web or the Internet (.edu or .mil Web sites, for example, or a specific country).
The following SlideShow illustrates some other ways that search engines let you limit your searches:

1) limit-search 1 2) limit-search 2 3) limit-search 3 4) limit-search 4 5) limit-search 5

Program 1 Program 2 Program 3 Program 4 Program 5
Limiting Search

How to Limit Your Search

Limiting Data Searched - Exercise

Click the exercise link below to perform a search using advanced searching limitations.
Limiting Data Searched - Exercise