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Lesson 3Browsers and searching
ObjectiveUse your browser's features to help you search

Browsers and Searching

If you are new to the Internet, you may be using your Web browser strictly by typing in URLs (Web addresses), or you may be only going to sites pre-loaded into your Bookmarks or Favorites folder. If you are an experienced user, you may have discovered on your own or been told about these tips you can use while surfing or searching the Web. However, most users find one or two new ones in this list.

Did you know that Here's how:
You can open up multiple browser windows so that you can run several searches (or view several Web sites) at the same time? Go to the File menu and select New Window. This will open up another independent browser window.
The amount of memory in your computer, your operating system, and your Internet connection may limit the number of browser windows you can keep open at one time.
You can activate a link so that it will open in a separate window, so that you can switch back to the original Web site (or search results list)? Point to the link and click the opposite-side mouse button (on a Macintosh, hold down the mouse button for a few seconds). This displays a shortcut menu. Select Open in New Window.
You can put a link from a search results page or a Web site directly into your Bookmarks or Favorites without activating it? Point to the link and display the shortcut menu as above. Select Add Bookmark (Netscape) or Add to Favorites... (Internet Explorer).
You can save search results or a links page on your computer? This will let you save a particular search query or let you examine the results later if you don't have the time when you run the search. Go to the File menu and select Save As This will save the results of any Web page in the location you choose on your computer or network drive.
(For Netscape) To redisplay the saved information, go to the File menu and select Open Page... then select Choose File..., then Open, and then Open again.
(For Internet Explorer) go to the File menu, then select Open..., then select Browse... then select Open, and OK.