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Simple Searching - Exercise

Performing a simple search

Objective: Compare the quantity and quality of results using a keyword search query, a natural language search query, and concept searching.


This exercise is not scored.
It is an opportunity for you to check your understanding of the material covered in the preceding lesson. When you are finished, click the Submit button to view the suggested results.


The lesson discussed
  1. traditional keyword searching,
  2. natural language searching,
  3. and concept searching.

Here is an opportunity to compare all three and the results they return in answering the same question.


A colleague will be looking information on Enterprise Java Beans.
  1. What is the ejb proxy pattern?
  2. What is the difference between a stateful and stateless session bean?
Use your expertise at simple searching to find this information with three types of searches.
  1. For your keyword search, use Google.
    Select your keywords from the description of what you want to find.
  2. For your natural language search, use Bing.
    Pose your query in the form of a question.
  3. For your concept search, use Yahoo Search
    Your keyword search query can be the same as with Google; the results will include a list of "concept folders".
You may be lucky enough to turn up results to answer both questions with one query; if not, you will need a separate query for each question. Remember that one result may lead you to another document or site through its links.
When you Submit button to view the suggested results.