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Advanced Searching without the syntax

Even if you do not want to use, or even learn about, Advanced Searching syntax, you can still get some of the benefits of advanced searching. Just look for the link to the Advanced or Power Search page in your directory or search engine. It is usually in the vicinity of the place where you type the search query in on the Main page, but not always. Sometimes you will need to look around a little.
Once you are at the Advanced Search page, you will see selectable lists of phrases next to the search query fields that may say "MUST include this word," "MUST NOT include this word," "SHOULD include," and so on. You may also find selections that limit your search to a particular type of website.
In most cases, you can select the equivalents of some of the special symbols you would otherwise have to type in along with your keywords. So, really, for little more effort than performing a simple keyword-only search, you can add some elements of an Advanced Search.

Advanced Search
Advanced Search

Access to Information

The accessibility of information has changed from traditional resources such as books into electronic resources. Information exists anytime and anywhere throughout the Internet and there are billions of websites, which reside in the Internet and can offer the required information in distinct areas such as languages and mathematics. Search engines provide great assistance in providing the required information. They have been a common method used by online users to find their requirements. Users can get the required information by using the available search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Furthermore, they play major roles in answering the queries of daily users and organizing web contents.
The user only needs to type a query with the keywords needs in order to get the relative information. Among the millions of web pages on the Internet, search engines make it easier for the users to find the required information. However, search engines have a difficult task displaying the most relevant webpage among the millions number of pages available on the Internet. For this reason, with the increased number of websites, it becomes difficult for websites to stay visible to users in search engines.
The user usually checks the first page of the result set. It has been proven that the search engines users have difficulties in finding the most relevant results for the submitted queries. Subsequently, the websites' owners are concerned about the visibility of their websites in the search engine result page.