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Lesson 3 Search Engine Requirements
Objective What you need to take this course.

Search Engine Requirements

Understanding the intricate mechanics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires a solid foundation in certain fundamental concepts. This complex but rewarding field intertwines technical acumen with creative insights. Below are the critical pillars of knowledge one must grasp before embarking on the SEO journey:
  1. Understanding of How Search Engines Work: SEO is essentially optimizing your website for search engines, so it's essential to comprehend how they operate. Google uses bots to crawl the web, indexing the information to be retrieved when someone makes a search query. Therefore, the first step to mastering SEO is to learn about crawling, indexing, and ranking.
  2. Knowledge of Basic HTML: Although not all SEO involves coding, understanding basic HTML tags can be incredibly beneficial. It's especially helpful for on-page SEO, where you might need to tweak meta tags, headings, or embed analytics code.
  3. User Experience (UX) Design: Google values user experience and has increasingly made it a ranking factor. Understanding how to create a user-friendly website that provides a seamless experience is integral to SEO. Core Web Vitals, which measure loading performance, interactivity, and visual stability, are aspects of UX that an SEO enthusiast should understand.
  4. Content Creation and Marketing: SEO isn't just about the technical details. It's about crafting content that provides real value to users. It's crucial to understand how to conduct keyword research, write compelling copy, and promote your content effectively.
  5. On-Page and Off-Page SEO: On-page SEO involves optimizing individual pages on a website, including the content and the HTML source code. Off-page SEO refers to activities outside your own website that influence your ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). This often involves link building or gaining backlinks from other reputable sites.
  6. Understanding of Basic Analytics: SEO is not a set-it-and-forget-it type of task. It requires constant monitoring and adjusting. Familiarity with tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console will help you understand how your strategies are working and how they can be improved.
  7. Mobile SEO: As more users access the web via mobile devices, it has become increasingly important to optimize websites for mobile. This involves understanding mobile-first indexing, as well as how to design and structure your website for mobile devices.
  8. Local SEO: For businesses that have a physical location or serve a specific geographic area, local SEO is essential. This involves optimizing your website to attract traffic from local searches, and it can involve aspects like managing online reviews and ratings, optimizing for Google My Business, and ensuring accurate and consistent name, address, and phone number (NAP) information across the web.

Each of these concepts brings a unique aspect to SEO and contributes to a holistic approach. A blend of technical and creative, theoretical and practical, SEO is a multidimensional discipline that can only be mastered through understanding these foundational principles.

SEO Mindset

Search engine optimization is not for the faint of heart since it requires a lot of time and a lot of hard work. But what it does not require is a professional and anyone with time and the desire to do it can learn the most successful strategies of SEO. That is probably why there are so many SEO consultants in the world today. Anyone can be an SEO consultant and no official certification programs exist, and no industry standards guide the development of an SEO consultant. And from one aspect, that is good news for you since it means that you can become your own SEO consultant. And a good first step is to learn the information you will find in the following pages. Of course, not everyone wants to be an SEO consultant your goal in visiting this website might be simply to learn about the SEO process so that you can be certain your SEO consultant, or the SEO firm you are considering hiring, is doing the job they should be doing to help your web site rank high.
Two types of people will get the most out of the SEOTrance:
  1. People who are interested in being their own SEO consultants and
  2. people who just want to know how SEO works.
If you are an SEO expert, you will likely find that you are already familiar with the information contained in these pages.
For those of you who are new to SEO, you will find the information you need to understand and begin implementing SEO strategies that will help improve your search engine rankings and drive better targeted visitors to your site.

Evolution of Search Engines

After the creation of gopher, search as you know it began to mature. The first real search engine, in the form that we know search engines today, did not come into being until 1993. It was developed by Matthew Gray, and it was called Wandex. Wandex was the first program to both index and search the index of pages on the Web. This technology was the first program to crawl the Web, and later became the basis for all search crawlers. And from there, search engines took on a life of their own. From 1993 to 1998, the major search engines that you are probably familiar with today were created:
  1. Excite : 1993
  2. Yahoo! : 1994
  3. Web Crawler : 1994
  4. Lycos : 1994
  5. Infoseek : 1995
  6. AltaVista : 1995
  7. Inktomi : 1996
  8. Ask Jeeves : 1997
  9. Google : 1997
  10. MSN Search : 1998

Today, search engines are sophisticated programs, many of which allow you to search all manner of files and documents using the same words and phrases you would use in everyday conversations. It is hard to believe that the concept of a search engine is just over 20 years old. Especially when you consider what you can find today using Google.

Platform support

This course can be taken on Windows, Macintosh, or Linux platforms.


The only software you will need is the Web browser that you are using to take this course.
In the next lesson, you will learn about course resources.
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