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WAP - Wireless Access Protocol

WAP, or wireless application protocol, is the standard for connecting cell phones and the Internet and is widely used in Europe. It is based on technology developed by an American company, a small piece of software installed in a cell phone, known as a microbrowser, that can display data sent from a WAP server. In 1997, the firm convinced the telecom industry to make WAP the de facto standard for the wireless Internet.

Is WAP still used?

As of 2015, with the current crop of smartphones and high-speed 3g/4g services provided by the operators, is WAP still supported or used? And what version(s) exactly? WAP is still used. I don't know which version it is. It's usage is really small. In our network it generates 200-300 times smaller traffic compared to the other mobile Internet traffic (http, ftp and other).
Definitely still being use even though it is on a decreasing trend.
For most businesses, if there are no incident, they will not invest in IT no matter how much we warn them.
As for no, it is because network devices are being upgraded over time for whatever reasons, be it wear and tear or simply because somebody kick the network device (it happens). Thus, IT personnel will take this chance to upgrade to a more relevant device .