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Operational Support Requirements for eBusiness

  1. A temporary increase in customer queries due to initial increases in business: Outsource a call-service function
  2. A short-term increase in business leading to increased demand for products: Outsource/hire warehouse space to store increased stock holdings
  3. New customers in foreign locations ordering products: Outsource delivery to a courier service with export experience
  4. A long-term or permanent increase in business, and thus in customer queries: Increase staff levels or procedures in the existing call center or invest in a new call center to handle increased queries
  5. A long-term or permanent increase in business and thus in demand for product: Procure new warehouse space and review stock-holding quantities
  6. A long-term or permanent increase in local business requiring more deliveries: Either outsource to a local courier or increase capacity of delivery service with more vans and/or drivers