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Using directory categories to find Australia

Starting out on the Yahoo Main page, I select Countries underneath the regional category in the hopes that I could select Australia, and then Maps. I might also have started with Reference, and looked for a Maps category and then for Australia. Often in directory categories, there will be more than one way to reach a specific topic.

From the list of Countries select Australia, noting that there were about 57,000 individual references in this directory.

On the next screen, I looked for a Maps category, but did not see one. I thought the Reference would be the closest of the ones presented, so I selected it.Remeber a couple of screens ago that could begun with Reference.

I have a map categories to select and I do select it. To this point, my trail has been Regional > Counteries > Australia > Reference > Maps

From the list of maps presented, select the Territorial Map of Australia.Until I reached this point, I really did not know how many maps of what level of detail I would bge able to choose among.Another directory may have more or fewer maps of a particular country or region.

Here is the map. Next, I will try another popular directory, to see if the process is any easier.

Start out on the, I note that the categoires are different from Yahoo.

Next screen displays its categories in two columns at the left of the screen.

Next screen features articles on Australia down the center of the page, but I look down the subject column along the left side.

Australia maps section has a wider offering of maps that incldue more detailed cityh and territory maps.

Another image for the map of Australia.