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Adwords Account Set up

  1. What should a Google Analytics consultant take into consideration when setting up an account for a client?
    Any party setting up GA on behalf of clients must set up a separate Google Analytics account for each separate client. This is the same way Adwords operates.
  2. What is the max number of profiles per Analytics Account?
  3. What is the My Client Center feature of Adwords ?
    With My Client Center, client managers (such as agencies, search engine marketers, and automated bid managers) can more efficiently manage multiple AdWords accounts or large campaigns. Your My Client Center (MCC) not only allows you to manage multiple accounts easily; it also features a "dashboard" view of your managed client accounts, alerts for important account issues, and easy access to robust performance reporting tools.
  4. What is the difference between the Starter Edition and Standard Edition of Google Adwords?
    The Starter Edition ceased to exist and all new accounts begin with the Standard Edition.
  5. What is the gclid parameter that appears when Adsense advertisements are clicked on?
    The gclid parameter appended after the URL is used to track Adwords in Analytics.
  6. How do you escape metacharacters in regular expressions?
    Use the backslash if you want to treat a dot like a regular dot.
  7. How can you specify a range of characters using regular expressions?
    [0-9] You can use a hyphen
  8. What is the purpose of the caret when used in combination with regular expressions?
    [^0-9] The use of the caret shown here is specific to character sets. The negating behavior occurs only when the caret is used after the opening square bracket in a character set.
  9. What are 2 examples of quantifiers?
    + ? are examples of quantifiers.
    1. ? Match zero or one of the previous item
    2. + Match one or more of the previous item
  10. What does the + sign require?
    The plus sign requires at least one match of the preceding character. 31+ matches
    31, 311, 3111, 31111