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Google Analytics Properties, Profiles Properties Questions

  1. What differentiates one profile from another?

    The smaller number after the longer number in the center.UA-239163-1
    UA-239163-7: The longer number in the center is the Google Analytics Account Number. The smaller number that appears after the account number is called the property number.

  2. What is the purpose of creating duplicate profiles?

    You might want to apply filters to your duplicate profile so that it contains a subset of data. For example, you could create a profile for relationaldbdesign that displays only traffic that is generated through Google Adwords.

  3. What is keyword auto-tagging?

    For Adwords campaign information, this allows Google Analytics to automatically populate your reports with detailed Adwords campaign information.

  4. What are two ways to track campaigns?

    1) auto-tagging 2) manually

  5. How do you link an Adwords account to Google Analytics?

    1) Log into Adwords Account, 2) Go to "Reporting and Tools", 3) Select Google Analytics from the Drop Downs

  6. Can you view the Google Analytics report within Adwords, once your Adwords Account has been linked to Google Analytics?

    Answer: Yes.

  7. What occurs when you enable "Destination URL Autotagging"?

    This option allows you to differentiate your 1) paid ads from 2) organic search listings and referrals and allows you to see detailed campaign information in the AdWords section of your Traffic Sources reports.

  8. Where can you find the Time Zone in your Adwords account?

    The Time Zone for Adwords is under the "My Account" tab on the extreme right.

  9. Why is Autotagging your links important?

    Autotagging helps Analytics differentiate the traffic coming from Google paid listings (Adwords), outlined in green on the slide, and traffic coming from Google organic listings, which are outlined in red.
    If autotagging is not enabled, your Analytics reports will show that the clicks from the sponsored listings and the organic listings are both coming from the same source: google organic. By default, Analytics considers them both to be from Google organic search results. For this reason, enabling autotagging allows you to see which referrals to your site came from your paid Google campaigns and which ones came from Google organic search results.

  10. Is there a way to see a list of Keywords and their gclids?

    You can not tie a gclid to a keyword search. But you can add a tag to your URL that will show you the keywords searched. We add this to the URL as a query string:

    That takes care of your internal tracking and also gives Analytics something to track.