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Google Analytics Account Administration

  1. How can you lower the bounce rate?

    You can lower the bounce rates by tailoring each landing page to its 1) associated ads and 2) referral links The more relevant the page, the less likely a visitor will "bounce".
  2. How do you implement cross segmentation in Analytics?

    1. Click on Top Content
    2. Select Pivot on the extreme right
    3. For page select the drop down "Keyword"
    4. Showing "Pageviews" and "Bounce Rate"

  3. What are 2 types of managers within Google Analytics?

    Answer:a) User manager b) Filter manager

  4. What is the difference between an Administrator and User within Google Analytics?

    There are two types of Google Analytics users.
    1) Administrators have access to all reports and they can also modify Analytics settings. So, Administrators can create a) profiles, b) filters, and c) goals, and they can add users.
    2) Users only have read access to your reports and they can't modify analytics settings. Also, "Users" can be restricted to viewing only specific profiles

  5. When you add a user through the Analytics Account, what must be true about their email?

    It must be a Google account, a.k.a (Gmail) In order to add a user, they must have a Google Account.

  6. How does an Administrator add a "User" to a Google Analytics account?

    By Clicking the "Add User" button.

  7. What are the 2 types of access that you can specify for "Users"?

    1. View reports only
    2. Account Administrator

  8. What are some typical examples of profiles that you might set up?

    You might have a profile that only contains traffic data for a specific subdomain. You might set up a profile that tracks only a certain part of a site or only tracks a certain kind of traffic. (Direct, Referral, Organic, Paid)

  9. What is the advantage of setting up a specific profile for a specific user?

    The flexibility of profiles enables you to set up reports for individual users.

  10. What are the elements that make up a user profile?

    1) access 2) goals 3) filter settings