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Keywords, Bounce Rate

Goals Conversions

  1. What do keywords with a high bounce rate indicate in the report?

    Answer: This means that you failed to meet the expectation of the visitor that was driven to your site via the particular keyword.

  2. The "Adwords" category appears below Traffic Sources. Beneath "Adwords" there exist 3 subcategories.
    1) Adwords Campaigns, 2) Keyword Positions, 3) TV Campaigns

    TV Campaigns will display the number of Visits, along with 0 TV impressions. This is probably because I did not pay for TV advertisement.

  3. What is a bounce rate a reflection of?

    Bounce Rate is a metric used in the measurement of a site's visit quality. High bounce rate generally indicates that the entrance pages of a site are not relevant to the visitors and in most cases, are not compelling enough for a visitor to navigate to other areas within the particular site.
    The key to lowering a site's bounce rate is to make the visitors happy in terms of content, usefulness, etc. Ensure your users have a positive experience and this will lead to social bookmarking, recommendation, re-visits, linking, higher pageviews per visit, etc which eventually helps in lowering your site's bounce rate.

  4. Does the duration of a visit affect bounce rate?

    No. Bounce rate is calculated based on the actions performed per visit and time and has no effect on the calculation of bounce rate.
    Example: A visit that lasts for 29 minutes with only one pageview is considered as a bounce. However, a visit that lasts for only 10 seconds with 2 pageviews is not considered a bounce.

  5. How can you find out which landing pages (that are arrived at through keywords) are responsible for poor performance?

    By looking at the bounce rate of those landing pages and altering the content so that the landing page is 1) More engaging , 2) Entices users to further explore your site.

  6. What must be completed to use the metrics on the 1) Goal Conversion and 2) Ecommerce tabs to assess the performance of any campaign?

    Edit the profile and define a goal. For "Main Website Profile Information" , select E-Commerce Website : Yes

  7. What can be done to ensure that the conversion is always attributed to the original referrer?

    To prevent a specific referral or campaign from overriding a prior campaign, simply append "utm_nooverride=1" to all referring campaign links as shown in the slide.
    This ensures that the conversion is always attributed to the original referrer (or first campaign the user clicked on).

  8. What is cross - segmentation in Google Analytics?

    Cross-Segmentation, also known as cross referencing, is one of the key factors that define a web analytics application as enterprise class. Cross- Segmentation is analogous to pivot tables in MS Excel. It enables you to compare one set of data against another.

  9. What is the medium label for "direct" traffic?


  10. How do you get to "Navigation Summary"?

    Go to Content, followed by "Overview".