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Filters, Funnel Visualization

  1. How do you get to Funnel Visualization?

    1. Log in to Google Analytics.
    2. Navigate to your view.
    3. Open Reports.
    4. Select Conversions -> Goals -> Goal Flow.
    You get there by first clicking on goals, and then clicking on "Goal Flow"

  2. What are the 2 types of filters?

    a) Predefined filters b) Custom Filters

  3. What is a best practice when tracking multiple subdomains in a single profile?

    The best practice is to append the subdomain name to the page name.

  4. What does the list of request URI indicate in your Top Content reports?

    This list of Request URIs indicates the different pages on your site.

  5. What are you able to achieve by setting up multiple profiles and applying filters to each of them?

    You are able to achieve a great deal of analysis and reporting flexibility.

  6. What is the purpose of maintaining an unfiltered profile?

    It provides you with a backup of unfiltered data.

  7. What happens when you apply cost data from an Adwords account?

    Data from the entire account is applied to each profile. Therefore, if you drive traffic from Adwords to multiple sites, (each of which is tracked in a separate Analytics profile) you will need to apply a filter to each sites profile.

  8. What are 5 categories of filter types?

    1. Exclude
    2. Include
    3. Lowercase/Uppercase: Are useful for consolidating lined items in a report
    4. Search and Replace
    5. Advanced

  9. What is the main reason why web pages have a high bounce rate[1]?

    high bounce rate occurs when there is no connection between
    1. why the customer came to the page and
    2. what the page exists for.
    This could be someone typing in "vegetarian shoes" into Bing and landing on your web page for "swim suits". This could be me visiting and clicking on a $10 off a $35 coupon link to Snapfish and landing on a page for "great new gifts". Never let your campaigns write checks that your website can not cash.

  10. What can you do to decrease the bounce rate?

    Make sure there is a correspondence between 1) Customer Intent and 2) Web Page Purpose.
    There should exist a large overlap between 1) Customer Intent and 2) Webpage Purpose and the company's own objectives should be subservient to customer needs. This is how to achieve low bounce rates and higher conversions.

Final Statement with regards to how to lower bounce rate: If you want to have high performing web pages make sure that you :
  1. Have a clear understanding of what the purpose of that page is and
  2. a clearer understanding of what drove customers to the page and
  3. what they want to accomplish or learn while visiting your website.

[1]bounce rate: the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.