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Verifying Installation

Checking Reports for Data

Once you have installed your tracking code, it usually takes about 24 hours for data to appear in your reports. The best way to verify that you are receiving data is to simply look at your reports. Go to the Top Content report in the Content section and make sure that you see Pageview numbers for each of your pages.

View your webpage's source

You can also view your webpage's source code to verify that the tracking code is installed.
Navigate your browser to any page on your site. Right click within the browser window and select the View Page Source or View Source option in your browser.
This will open a new window that contains the source code for that page.

Checking Source Code

Now search for ga.js. From the source code menu, select
  1. Edit and click the
  2. Find option.
If you find the Google Analytics tracking code on your page, then it is likely that Google Analytics has been successfully installed on your site.
Repeat this process across several pages on your site to make sure that your installation is complete.