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Google Analytics Interface

Initial Screen

Understanding the Google Analytics interface will help you find and analyze information more effectively. When you first login to your Google Analytics account, you will see a screen similar to the one on the slide. In this example, the user has access to three Google Analytics accounts. Click on the name of the account you would like to access.

Analytics Settings

This takes you to the account-specific page where you manage the set-up and configuration of your account and profiles. You can toggle to your other Analytics accounts using the drop-down menu at the top right of the page. Each profile for the selected account is displayed under Website Profiles. From this screen you can access reports for each profile. You can also edit configuration settings, add filters, add or change user permissions, and add or remove profiles altogether.

Report Interface

Click the View Reports link for a profile, and you will be taken to the dashboard for that profile. A sample dashboard is shown on the slide. We have called out the user interface features that are available on all reports. Your 1) report navigation, 2) scheduled email settings, 3) Help links, 4) data export options, and 5) the calendar.
Note that there are several places to find Help information. The Help link on the top right of the page takes you to the Google Analytics Help Center. Also, on the left margin of the page, you will see a Help Resources box with links.


The dashboard is where you put all the summary information about your site that you want to see at a glance. To add a report to the dashboard, just go to the report you want to add and then click Add to Dashboard. On the dashboard itself, you can position the report summaries however you like and delete the ones you don't need.