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Roles and Responsibilities

Because they are a team, software teams are assigned a team leader. This post may have different names in every organization, but the main and common responsibility of this person in all organizations is product delivery.
What varies is the scope defined for the responsibility of product delivery. At one extreme, this person is just responsible for the technical effort of design and development. It may include design and development as well as collaborating with customers, team operations, reporting to senior management, and strategic product management. This module will lay out the responsibilities of a Technical Team Leader. Knowing the responsibilities is better than not knowing, and that is why it is important to lay the necessary ground work for your the project team. We may determine the necessary characteristics of such a key person in software development.
First, I will point out several deficient views of a technical team leader, and why these views are incomplete and may not lead to team success. Then, I will categorize all the necessary responsibilities to be carried out by a technical team leader. Finally, I will discuss other functions in a typical software organization, and will explain why we should not overwhelm the team (and its leader) with such responsibilities.

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The business and the creative teams inform the technical team of their needs.

The technical team writes the requirements definition, which states the site's hardware requirements, and then contacts the client's IT staff.

The IT staff studies the Requirements Definition, then makes the final decisions as to what hardware is, or will be, available for the website project. They communicate those decisions to the technical team.

The process requires some back and forth between the IT Staff and the technical team. After everything is settled, the technical team designs the network architecture. As a visualization tool, the network architecture is useful in ensuring that the needs of the site and the resources available for it are understood by the team as well as the client.

The technical team must inform the creative and the business teams of any decisions that may affect their work, for example, whether the final hardware decisions impose limitations on the web page size.

Good team work will result in a successful web site deployment.