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Hardware Requirements for a Web Site

On small instances, server load is primarily driven by peak visitors.
For five concurrent Users:
  1. 1GHz+ CPU
  2. 512MB RAM
  3. 20MB database space
  4. 300MB disk space
  5. 25 Concurrent Users
  6. Dual 2GHz+ CPU
  7. 2GB+ RAM
  8. 80MB database space
  9. 1GB disk space

Typical client hardware

The server is used by many users . It may store a particular resource, such as a database, or perform a specific function, such as receiving and forwarding email.

Connectivity allows a device or program to connect to other devices or programs.

Usability Testing
The firewall ensures that the data stored in a computer is accessed only by authorized users.

The uninterrupted power supply ensures that electrical power continues to be available during a power outage

Together, these different hardeware devices allow you to plan and deploy a website