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Network Diagnostic Tools

PING is a command used to test whether a remote host can be reached from a specific computer. This most basic TCP/IP utility is also used to test network connections or applications. When one computer pings another computer, information is sent and received that lets the sending computer know if its information is being received.

WINIPCFG is a Windows 95/98-specific utility used to provide information about IP addresses, network connections, and Internet resources. The Windows version of WINIPCFG is called IPCONFIG.

ARP is a command sent to a router and is used to display the contents of the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) table. ARP is employed by system technicians to detect whether any nodes on the network may have been configured with the wrong IP address.

Tracert (pronounced tracer-tee) is a program that shows routing and delay times over the Internet from your PC to a destination computer such as It displays several columns of numbers, which represents a connection or hop from one router to another. It's useful for determining where a delay may be occurring: ISP, destination site, or some hop along the way.

Netstat displays a list of server-side TCP/IP connections. The output includes a list of addresses corresponding to open incoming connections. Use Netstat to obtain network statistics, display the contents of the local routing table, and to obtain statistics on a particular protocol such as TCP.