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Digital cash Explained

1) To use electronic cash, a consumer needs several things. First is the wallet, a program named because it mimics the functionality of a physical wallet, that is, it holds the electronic cash you have converted. Both consumers and merchants need wallets of the same type.

2) The merchant, on the other hand, needs to accommodate the client specific wallet type by installing proprietary software on the merchant server.

3) Such software includes a point of sale module which integrates with the website. The merchant's wallet and the bank's financial network. Point of sale programs are effectively the payment gateways you saw implemented in credit cards, but apply only to specific digital cash implementation

4) The point of sale module is responsible for three activities for the merchants. First, it initiates the funds transfers between the consumer and the merchant wallets.

5) Second, the point of sale module validates in logs activity.

6) Finally, the point of sale module is actually the one accessed for administrative activities and reports. It is usually integrated with the merchants website through CGI scripts and similar website extensions

7) To implement the point of sale module the merchant must register with the electronic cash component supplier so the merchant system can be configured to respond and store appropriately. Once the point of sale module has been integrated the merchant is ready to accept electronic cash payments.