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Cardholder Merchant Transaction

1) Cardholder indicates to merchant a willingness to make a credit card procedure.

2) Merchant sends the buyer an invoice, his certificate, and the certificate of his bank (i.e. the issuer).
These are encrypted and with CA's private key.

3) Cardholder uses CA's public key to decrypt the information.

4) Cardholder generates order information and sends to merchant (encrypted with the merchant's public key)

5) Merchant generates authorization request and sends it to his acquirer (encrypted with the banks public key)

6) Merchant's bank sends a request for payment authorization from the issuer through the acquirer or traditional bank card channels.

7) The acquirer sends a settlement response to the merchant's bank after receiving a response from the issuer (cardholder's bank)

8) Once the cardholder's bank authorizes payment, the merchant's bank sends a response to the merchant (encrypted using the merchant's public key). This response includes the transaction identifier. This completes the transaction