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Web Interface

Customer expectations and the Web interface

1) Email services such as Gmail and remain popular among people of varied interests.

2) For business portals and sites targeting the business user, such services are almost obligatory.

3) Provide intuitive ways for users to search for and obtain information concerning travel. This can include hotel stays, advisories, and so forth.

4) An ideal service for those on the run who cannot bring themselves to carry Microsoft project with them where they go.

5) For high-volume e-commerce shops, few things are more attractive than being able to show customers exactly what they have in store.

6) Stores and organizations have been using databases for decades before the Web became popular. One of the most important services you can provide as an e-commerce professional is the ability to connect with legacy systems.

7) This is often the domain of legacy systems connectivity. The Web allows existing calling centers to become much more efficient because it allows those manning the centers to obtain information instantly through the company intranet, as well as the internet.

8) With bandwidth increasing every day, it is becoming more possible for providers to include advanced services that enable two-way visual communication.

9) CRM - Customer relationship management applications, such as benchmark measuring tools that allow you to conduct real-time sales cycle tracking, call center monitoring, and order processing. CRM applications remain on the cutting edge. They continue to become more popular and easy to implement.