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Data Integration Middleware Vendors and Tools

Vendor Product Name(s) (if applicable)
BEA Systems jdbcKONA
Kona Software Enterprise Client for ODBC/JDBC
Merant (Intersolv) Data Direct
Sybase jConnect for JDBC
Thought Inc. CocoBase

Most data integration middleware products now get OEMed into development tools (such as Visual Café and Inprise/Borland's JBuilder), and EAI suites (such as Vitria's and Tibco's). A few years ago, data integration middleware was a distinct market. Due to OEMing, it has virtually disappeared, though the technology lives on in other tools.
Please see the Resources section of the course to download a PDF file containing a complete list of all of the vendors and tools covered in this course, along with URLs to the vendor Websites.